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Garden Transformation Cambridgeshire

Our client required a complete overhaul for his whole property including garden transformation. From the front drive, through to the long rear garden, to provide a modern, user friendly, attractive space with a new Garden Studio, a total garden transformation.

Total Garden Transformation in Cambridgeshire – A Complete Garden Makeover

The designer skilfully worked on plans for a new layout, and together with our client, they agreed upon a freshly designed layout and materials were chosen, in order to achieve an impressive garden transformation.

The existing rear garden was completely cleared of all turf, conifers, shrubs, planting, the old summer house, paving and storage area and subsequently removed all the redundant material from the site. This work required machinery, and due to the length of the project, facilities were also installed on site for the team.

A bungalow, raised decking, flower beds, timber fence, lawn and paved path

As a result, one side of the bungalow had an attractive, composite, raised decking area was constructed on a timber sub-frame. This had steps leading down to the paved patio area, with the decking partly surrounded by a raised block work, two-tiered flower bed, attractively clad with stone and topped with matching stones. The raised bed also has a semi-circular bed at the foot to soften the straight lines of the decking and steps. The positioning of the decking and paved area enhances the view from all three of the main patio doors of the bungalow. This also allows them to open either onto the decking, or the paved area. A horizontal, treated, timber screen was erected along one side of the decking area, which gives a more secluded and cosier feel.

The decking and the step levels were carefully measured and set, to allow for water run-off and a geo-textile membrane was used to act as a weed suppressant. The steps lead neatly down to the Sandstone paving, from London stone, which was chosen for its durability, and attractive mixed colours and sizes. Ultimately, this was finished exterior grout. The matching edging sett was used along its entirety, and the coloured paving complements the plain decking area. Sleek, sweeping lines along the edge of the paving, break up the effect of a long garden.

We relaid the path alongside the bungalow with matching paving which continued from the patio around to the side gate.

The team also erected a new shed and covered area on end of the bungalow, allowing for much needed storage.

The team also erected a fresh timber fence down one side of the rear garden, using concrete pillars and gravel boards, which are more durable and longer lasting than wood. The wooden panels slotted in-between. This also matched the existing boundary fence on the other side of the garden.

The remaining area to the rear of the bungalow was then excavated, levelled, and prepared with good quality topsoil, before being laid to lawn. A small, oval flower bed was included at the top end of the lawn, again edged to match the paving to break up the long area of lawn. The paved path, with edging, continues down to the smart modern Garden Studio and shed, built at the rear of the garden.

Garden Transformation Cambridgeshire


The bright new wooden Garden Studio was constructed with large, glazed patio doors on the front and faces back down the garden, giving it plenty of light and a perfect view of the new design. The area is neatly finished with block paving and a garden shed which was erected to the side of the Studio, with an area of mulch in-between, again all tidily edged.

The whole garden was then beautifully enhanced with lighting, highlighting planting, and illuminating walkways and structures. This is not only functional, allowing the garden to be used for longer, but gives the garden a completely different atmosphere in the evening.

Once the new flower beds are planted, they will give added colour, fragrance and interest to the garden and a stunning edge to the decking. The oval bed will provide a colourful display and focal point from the decking area, drawing the eye further down the garden.

Garden Transformation Cambridgeshire

Garden transformation Cambridgeshire

A complete garden makeover

To the front of the bungalow, block paving was laid, continuing from the rear garden path, again with a mixture of colours and sizes and this was finished with a kiln dried sand. This is a Marshall’s product and provides an exceptionally durable surface for pathways and driveways alike and this was laid on a sub-base of MOT type 1, with a sand screeded bed.

An existing gravel driveway was re-dressed with new gravel and compacted to provide a smart new look. The front was then finished with a new wooden panel fence along the side boundary which was stepped down to a slightly lower level along the front. A small area of flowerbed was also included along the fence to provide added colour and interest.


Garden Studio

This complete garden makeover, which included constructing a new Garden Studio and sheds, totally transformed the whole property from front to back, giving it a stylish, neat, fresh look with long clean lines and attractive decking and patio areas which will look stunning all year round, much to the delight of our client.


Cambridgeshire Garden transformation

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