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Masonry Contractors Cambridge

Masonry work, Retaining walls & Bricklaying Contractors in Cambridge

Landscaping Cambridge have a vast amount of experience in the installation of masonry work and retaining walls/flower beds. Basically, our skilled workman can create any shape or angle required; from curves to sharp right angles.

We take great consideration and time into the preparation. Precision and care are paramount when doing the installation. 

Therefore, don’t hesitate to call Emerald Landscapes to discuss your project further.

Masonry contractors Cambridge:

Brick – bricklaying services in Cambridge

Generally, brick is the traditional way of building walls, planters or out-buildings. These can be constructed in various shapes and sizes.  

Building work can improve the security of your property, or retain level changes. Consequently, bricks are available in multiple colours and textures. 


Block Work

Block work is a popular way of construction, it can be rendered and painted to any colour scheme on the RAL Chart.

Undoubtedly, it is visually striking and a different alternative to brick/natural stone. Planters that are made from block work and render, tick all the boxes when searching for a contemporary look and a Mediterranean feel. 

Natural stone

Emphatically, natural stone walling has the same use as the other masonry materials, its top asset is the textured finish on the surface, which allows you to tie it into your natural stone paving/patio.

This is a great option for raised planters and retaining dwarf walls.  The multi size stones break structured lines in the garden.

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Timber is the most cost effect way to build a retaining wall or flower bed. Sleepers come in softwood and hardwood.

Sleepers can be used both vertically and horizontally. They are multi-functional and an excellent alternative to brick or concrete, to soften the feel in your outdoor space.

Check our case studies for further inspiration.

Masonry Contractors Cambridge

Equally, masonry work refers to the construction or repair of structures using materials like bricks, stones, concrete blocks, or tiles. In the UK, masonry work plays a significant role in building and enhancing various architectural elements, both for residential and commercial properties.

One of the primary applications of masonry work is in the construction of exterior walls. Masonry walls provide structural stability, insulation, and aesthetic appeal to buildings. Bricks or stone blocks are carefully laid, and bonded together using mortar, creating a durable and visually pleasing wall system.

Masonry work is also commonly employed in the construction of foundations. Masonry foundations provide a solid base for the structure and distribute its weight evenly to the ground. They are designed to withstand the loads and forces exerted on the building, ensuring its stability and longevity.

Another important aspect of masonry work is the creation of chimneys and fireplaces. Masons skillfully construct chimneys, using bricks or stone, to provide proper ventilation and exhaust for fireplaces or heating systems. The design and construction of chimneys require precision and adherence to safety regulations, to ensure efficient operation and prevent fire hazards.

In addition to structural elements, masonry work extends to various decorative features. Masons can create intricate patterns, arches, and other architectural details using different masonry materials. These decorative elements enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings, and add character to their facades.