Garden Structures  Cambridge

Pergolas, archways or other garden structure work add that extra missing detail to your garden.

Looking to cover an outdoor area with garden structures in Cambridge, or just provide some shade in the summer months, we can build these bespoke garden constructions to your criteria.

Moreover, planting can provide a natural cover over structures and offer colour and interest all year round.

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Garden structures - Landscaping Cambridge

Garden structures Cambridge: Ponds

Ponds make a wonderful feature in your garden and the sound of water is extremely relaxing.  Ponds can be made to any size and shape. Every pond is unique and are becoming more and more popular. Our team is experienced in pond installation; whether it is for wildlife, a fish pond or koi pond we will create a bespoke pond for you to enjoy.  


Garden structures Cambridge: Water Features

There are so many different water features available from a pondless cascade to dancing spring water features. These make an enchanting addition to any garden.  In conclusion, our experts will advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each style of water feature. Also, lighting can be incorporated to enhance the area or feature.

Professional and reliable builders are ready to undertake any landscaping project and ensure planned improvements of your garden.
To begin, schedule a survey and inform us about your needs. Do you require a completely new garden structure or only minor repairs to your current one? 

Our Landscape Gardeners in Cambridge

Our landscapers are a youthful, energetic group. In summary, we concentrate on commercial and business landscaping projects. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and schedule a site visit. Secondly, we can show you examples of similar tasks we’ve completed as well as client testimonials and recommendations.

Garden Structures  Cambridge
Pergolas, arches, and other garden structures can give your garden the extra touch it needs.

Check our case studies for further inspiration.

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Garden Structure work will add that extra missing detail to your garden.

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