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A Wealth of experience, a foundation of Knowledge

We provide a friendly and professional service covering all aspects of landscaping for all Residential and Commercial projects.  We have a wealth of experience, knowledge and specialist all working to ensure you receive a high-quality finish to your project.

The Landscaping Cambridge Team takes great pride in being the best at what they do.  Our expert garden designers, engineers, landscape architects, as well as construction experts, are the best in the sector with years of background experience.  We are passionate and have a deep sense of enthusiasm to transform your outdoor space into a scenic wonderland that is a visual delight and adds value to your home.

Landscaping Company Cambridge

Great care is given to detail and quality workmanship.  It is a delight seeing a garden or driveway transformed into an eye-catching oasis.  Our portfolio illustrates the extensive scope of our knowledge and expertise in creating a bespoke Residential and Commercial Landscaping Project.

Landscaping Cambridge is the most reputed name when it comes to providing end to end landscaping garden design services.  Our emphasis on bespoke landscape construction ensures that you get to see the garden of your dreams come to a reality.

With over 15 years experience in the sector, we’ve worked on completely different projects, ranging from:

  • New constructions and building developments
  • Large Estate
  • Small Courtyards
  • Contemporary Homes
  • Listed Buildings
  • Office Complex
  • Complex gardening projects like those with a sloping garden
  • Themed gardens: Mediterranean, Renaissance, Naturalistic, Gothic, Cottage, Zen etc.


Soft and Hard Landscaping Teams

Each member of our team has been selected for their quality and pride in their work.  Every workman has a solid background in landscaping and specialist knowledge in either surfacing, installs of features/builds and/or planting.  Every project will be carefully planned, and the right skill sets allocated for each project ensuring you receive the very best installation.  Our teams are renown for being hard working professionals and this has enabled us to have repeated business and trusted relationships throughout the Cambridge area.


Details determine the difference 

Commitment to quality is the foundation on which the company is built; we believe in paying meticulous attention to every small detail.  It defines us and is something our clients measure us by.  

Our dedication is evident throughout, from the alliance with our dependable material suppliers to our daily specialist installation.  We treat every landscaping project with the same level of care and consideration to detail from a residential courtyard garden to a large Commercial landscape.

Any landscaping project takes a lot of co-ordination from scheduling the materials, equipment and arranging the right craftspeople.  This is essential for a smooth running project.  Safety is paramount and extra care is given when planning to ensure your personal circumstances are taken into consideration.  We know that the construction area/site is your home or business and we never forget this. Every landscaping project is treated with the same level of care and consideration to detail; from a residential courtyard garden to a large Commercial landscape.

There are various aspects that need to be considered before choosing a landscaping technique.  We will ensure our close support at each step starting from the conceptualisation of the design to the finalisation of the plans, installation and maintenance.  With our close association with product manufacturers around the country, you can be assured of getting your choice of materials and products.  

We totally understand the importance of having the right set of equipment as well as the value that the latest techniques and methods can bring into a landscaping project.  Therefore, Landscaping Cambridge owns a complete range of modern machinery and equipment to undertake even the most complex of projects and our team is trained throughout and we are simply, the best in the sector.


Making your vision a reality

We provide a bespoke service at Landscaping Cambridge.  It is tailored to fit your individual needs and requirements so that you can enjoy the increase in quality of life that your garden can bring you.

Like a piece of artwork, your landscape should bring you pleasure, year after year.  As the elements weather, the materials and plants mature, a well-engineered landscape endures.  

We strongly believe in bringing to life your ideas and aspirations, combined with our passion and flair for landscaping, we will create a unique outdoor space you will enjoy for years to come and that will add value to your home.

Our environment:

We care about our environment and extensive research has been done to ensure we only purchase from reputable suppliers.  The materials are responsibly sourced and we use suppliers that re-cycle the waste removed from site.  We are extremely conscientious of our carbon footprint, care and consideration is always at the forefront of our minds.

From start to Finish

We will make a FREE of charge site inspection and consultation.  

  • The initial discussions involve gathering all the necessary information about your garden and property in general.  We, at Landscaping Cambridge believe in listening to our clients and sharing ideas.  This is what makes us capable to create designs that define your vision and bring out your visions to life.
  • More meetings along with our workpeople to understand your exact requirements, priorities as well as the budget.
  • Primary survey (check the topography, land, directions, area, tree count etc.)
  • Preparation of conceptual sketches to be discussed with the client.
  • Preparation of Master Plan e.g. scheduling materials, equipment and workmanship.
  • Create detailed drawings with construction details, plans for hardscaping works as well as plans for the planation.
  • Complete Project Management works including design, levelling, construction and planting.

Quotations are free of charge and clearly set out each section of your project 

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