Driveway Installation Cambridge

Driveway installation near me –  Cambridge.

Your driveway is not just a space to park your car, it is the entrance that showcases your property.

A combination of practicality and aesthetics create a well defined driveway that sends a warm welcome upon arrival to your home. 

Driveway Installation in Cambridge

Don’t hesitate and call Emerald Landscapes, Driveway Contractors, to discuss your surfacing and driveway installations options further. 

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Driveway installation: Block paving

Block paving is a surface that has been around for several decades, its versatility and variety of styles make it well suited to numerous property types.

This makes block paving of the most popular surfaces on the market due to its incredible durability and extensive range of available colours and patterns.

Landscaping Cambridge - Resin bound gravel

Resin Bound Gravel is a Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS for short) that reduces the amount of surface water run off meaning that there is no need for an installation of a conventional soak away or channel drains.

To ensure the longevity of the surface, we use a UV protection compound in our mix during the installation.

There is a wide range of different colour choices and the flexible edging which enables you to create a unique design. Our specialist team have the expertise to install house numbers, logos and patterns giving a bespoke design for your driveway, patio or path.

Driveway installation: Resin bound gravel

Resin Bound Gravel has become an extremely popular choice for residential and commercial driveways, patios and paths in recent years.

This can either be laid as new install or if a suitable, sound surface already exist, this can be installed on top of it.

The well known gravel look combined with a new contemporary feeling makes this permeable surface a winner on many levels and as the stones are set, they do not evade onto other areas.

Landscaping Cambridge - Gravel driveway

Driveway installation: Gravel driveway

A timeless classic driveway option and probably the most cost effective surface on the market can still give your house entrance plenty of character.

A Geotextile membrane is laid to prevent subsidence and as loose stones can sometimes be problem, ground reinforcement grids can be installed to help stabilize the stone. 

After preparation, our team will install the limestone base in compacted layers, followed by gravel and then the stone of your choosing from the wide range of colours. 

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Outside Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting to Domestic and Commercial entrances is always a security benefit and showcases your property.  It also gives a welcoming feel to coming home and to your visitors.

Whether you are coming home or enjoying a relaxing evening in your garden, outside lighting can give a soothing feel and prevent trips and falls.  

We can install electrical or solar lighting that you can control by an app on your phone; giving you extra security and draws attention to your entrance and features the garden.  

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