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Landscaping Cambridge - Garden makeover 2

Garden make-over Cambridge, paving, decking  and  pergola

Our brief was to create a larger patio area for outside entertaining for family and friends, adding new planters and interest and completely renovate the garden, plus create a separate entertaining area to the side of the property for business clients.

Project: garden make-over Cambridge

This project delivered smart, interesting, peaceful and user-friendly outside spaces, partly built around an existing barbeque / bar area, and totally transformed the whole area into a stunning space.

The garden received a thorough make-over, using our experienced designer and following our client’s brief.

This multi-faceted project featured oak sleeper raised beds, an oak pergola, new decking and paving plus a new lawn and flower beds. The oak sleeper raised beds were also painted inside and lined to extend their lifespan. An oak pergola was erected giving height and adding further interest to a new decking area, and an attractive larger paving area and new lawn were also laid to enhance the garden.

Extensive, careful preparation and clearance was undertaken to begin with to remove existing decking, paving, previous lawn and old planting and the old flower beds were excavated and all roots removed. New topsoil was brought in and the beds and new planters were left ready for planting.

Care was taken to match the steps to the existing brickwork of the barbeque and a new composite decking area was created complete with attractive balustrades. Whilst black limestone setts were installed around the edge and the flowerbeds. We were also able to arrange for new outside lighting to be sympathetically installed to further enhance the area in the evenings.

Great care is taken to minimise disruption whilst the work is in progress and to deliver our client’s dream garden, plus our aim of customer satisfaction.

Another great project, this garden make-over, delivered by Emerald Landscapes – Delighted to be Landscaping in Cambridge and the surrounding areas, where your ideas combined with our expertise, create the outside space you dream of – why not contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Project: Garden make-over

Job Specification: 

Clearance & Preparation

● 11 tracked digger used

● Removal of waste

● Strip out old decking

Sleeper Raised Beds

● Oak Sleeper raised beds approx. 3 sleepers high

● Sleepers line up, levelled and screwed together

● Inside painted with blackjack and line with damp proof membrane

● Bottom half to be filled with site spoil

● Top half filled with good quality topsoil and left ready for planting (approx. 7t)


● 80m2

● Excavate using digger

● 75 – 100mm compacted MOT foundation

● Lay paving on a continuous mortar mix

● Paving will be pointed using exterior grout

● Additional paving where compost bins and path have widened



● 53m2

● Remove existing lawn and excavate 50mm old soil

● Dispose of waste from site

● Bring in approx. 40 ton of good quality topsoil to raise levels by 250mm average

● Grade area and level out

● Lay new turf, compact with board and water as we install


Oak Timber Pergola

● 100mm x 100mm Timber posts concreted into the ground 600mm deep when not next to the house. Posts next to the house will be fixed to the house brick work

● 100mm x 100mm Timber cross members attached to the posts.

● Built as per design

Composite Decking

● 8.5m2 build tasting area (Neo advanced – grey)

● Access hatch installed for inspection chamber

● Balustrade kits included to fit the space required

● Clear area

● Excavate as required to install frame. Removing any waste from site

● Lay a geotextile membrane to act as a weed suppressant.

● Construct a timber sub-frame from treated 150mm x 50mm. Installed at 400mm intervals or less.

● Level frame to allow falls for water run off (between 1:50 and 1:100)

● Screw composite deck boards with hidden fixings to the frame

● Attach any fascia boards and tidy area


● Moving strip installed using setts

● Black limestone setts installed around the edge

● 20lm (additional l m TBC on site)

● Setts installed and hunched

● Grouted using easyjoint



● 2 steps

● 1x down the side of the house

● 1x from main patio door


  • Excavate the area to  depth of 200mm
  • Install geo-textile to separate the sub-grade from sub-base
  • Level and compact 100mm of MOT Type 3 base 
  • Lay 75mm Open grade 14mm binder course of permeable tarmac 
  • Leave the tarmac to cure for 10-14 days 
  • Resin Bound stone mixture laid at 18mm – 20mm thickness 
  • Lay Tarmac in front of the driveway and reinstate the path

Install and give the biggest change to your driveway with not only the advantages of sustainable drainage but also give the property a unique look and increase the value of your house.

Garden make-over, paving, decking  and  pergola

If you are looking for a new and unique look to your garden, don’t hesitate and call Emerald Landscapes.

Landscaping company Cambridge - Garden make-over 2
Landscaping company Cambridge - Garden make-over
Landscaping company Cambridge - Garden makeover
Landscaping company Cambridge - Garden make-over, paving, decking  and  pergola 2
Landscaping company Cambridge - Garden make-over, paving, decking  and  pergola
Garden make-over, paving, decking  and  pergola Cambridge 4
Garden make-over, paving, decking  and  pergola Cambridge 3
Landscaping Cambridge - Garden make-over, paving, decking  and  pergola
Landscaping Cambridge - Garden make-over
Garden make-over, paving, decking  and  pergola Cambridge 2
Landscaping Cambridge - Garden make-over, paving, decking

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