Landscaping project in Cambridge


Commercial Landscaping project Cambridge -1

Commercial Landscaping project Cambridge

Commercial landscaping project including hard and soft landscaping for roadways and a relaxing courtyard area.

This sizeable project was for a new commercial enterprise. It welcomes members of the public and requires a smart, inviting, attractive, hard-wearing design. It used quality materials appropriate for numerous vehicles including large goods vehicles, included a relaxing courtyard area for guests to enjoy and help tempt them to return.

Commercial landscaping project in Cambridge 

Before installing the roadways, paths and inner courtyard garden, preparation was required to deal with the surface drainage of the area. Our expert team installed drainage pipes, manholes and access chambers and all drainage was carefully connected and then finished with recessed manhole covers.

Firstly, the access road around the building and parking spaces was installed, using various contrasting block paving, with raised granite road kerbs. The appearance is smart and attractive, as well as being extremely durable to cater for the large number of visitors vehicles. Which includes staff and delivery / service vehicles. The area has clearly marked out parking bays for the vehicles including a long, arched, partially covered bicycle shelter with stands constructed along one wall. Moreover, areas for bicycle stands along the paths have been made to cater for the numerous cyclists in this very busy city.

Pedestrian paths were laid with granite paving beside the roadways, and flower beds were created alongside to add colour and interest all year round and soften the appearance. The beds were filled with topsoil and planted with evergreens and shrubs, which were then mulched to help retain moisture. This improves fertility, deters weed growth and ensures a neat finish to the beds.

Also the main entrance has been enhanced with an attractive mix of small and large block paviours, in contrasting colours which provide a striking striped pattern. Coloured raised beds were constructed and prepared beside the entrance and planted with shrubs, evergreens, and grasses.

Large courtyard

The large central courtyard is pivotal to the building, as most of the rooms and public areas look out onto this area. The design needed to create an outdoor space, that was peaceful and calm, in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. And which could be enjoyed when viewed from all the rooms overlooking the courtyard, whether at ground level or from above, as well as in the courtyard itself. The team built smart brickwork raised flower beds at different heights with sleek contrasting benches installed between them. The whole area was then block paved in contrasting sections with one end having a striking zigzag pattern.

Commercial landscaping Cambridge

To one end of the courtyard is a covered seating area, with wooden benches, again incorporating the zigzag patterned block flooring. This provides a more secluded outdoor seating area in inclement weather.

Finally, the last part of the project was to install attractive paving around the indoor pool.

The access paths and roadways provide a smart and serviceable entry to this modern hotel, while the stylish courtyard garden gives an atmosphere of calm, and a relaxing space to enjoy with plenty of seating. This also provide a pleasing view from the rooms.


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Commercial project Cambridge

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