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Commercial landscaping Cambridge

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Stunning new entrance and grounds to a large period property.

This substantial project, commercial landscaping in Cambridge, involved sympathetically transforming the entrance and grounds of a large period property which was being converted from offices to living accommodation. The approach to the property was being completely overhauled and landscaped to provide a smart, attractive, inviting, yet practical and user-friendly entrance and grounds for the new occupiers.

The scheme was divided into four areas and in this instance our client preferred to supply some of the materials themselves, and our skilled landscaping team provided the expertise, machinery, and workforce.

Cambridge Commercial Landscaping

a) The first area included installing block-paving pathways and required the existing paving slabs to be removed, the ground excavated, and all waste removed from site prior to starting the renovation. A metal edging was installed, and an MOT type 1 sub-base laid and covered with sand ready for the block paving.

A trench was also dug, and a conduit laid complete with rope ready for the electrician to install the cables for the new lighting bollards. The old lawn was removed, the ground rotovated and quality topsoil laid and levelled ready for new turf. Whilst work was in progress, great care was taken to provide adequate protection to the existing mature trees which already lined the pathways and surrounded the building.

The block paving was expertly laid, cut, and grouted by our landscaping team and gravel, or lawn was laid on the prepared areas either side to create smart attractive tree lined pathways and lawns. The stunning effect of the dark blockwork against the lawn and under the trees was achieved using Marshals Driveway Basalt block paving.

Fencing was also erected along the paths and around the estate using stylish black powder coated metal railings and gates which complemented the lawns, gravel, and paving.

b) The second area required removing old timber edging between the paths, lawn and flower beds and installing the metal edging to define the areas and provide smart, clear lines. The previous gravel was scraped off and a weed membrane laid, followed by fresh gravel providing a sleek new look.

The team removed the lawn, and again rotovated, removing any waste from the site and fresh quality topsoil levelled over the area before laying the new lawn. Old mulch was removed from the beds and new mulch chippings were laid.

Cambridge Commercial Landscaping


c) The next area again required a trench digging and conduit laying for the electrician. The flower beds needed the edges defined with matching metal edging, a membrane laid, and gravel spread evenly over the area. New flower beds were dug and prepared by removing the previously compacted gravel and base and replacing with good quality topsoil which was brought in and made ready for planting.

d) This area was also to be block paved and included 7 channel drains to be installed to accommodate a weight of 12.5 tons. These were concreted into position and connected to the existing drainage system.

Commercial Landscaping in Cambridge

The block paving was cleverly continued through the archway of the building to the next area, incorporating existing drain covers etc.

A concrete pad was constructed and laid which would hold the post and mailboxes and a further large area of gravel drive was laid with concrete haunching and the surrounding beds were prepared ready for planting.

The completed project was beautiful, curved sweeping lawns and gravel areas with dark blockwork paths laid around the estate, creating a peaceful, attractive, and calming place to walk and relax. The tree lined paths were inviting and draw the eye to another space and flower beds which were planted with lavender. The whole area has been transformed, giving a feeling of luxury and an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation away from a normally busy city plus it provides residents with a view of attractive, well-kept landscaped gardens from their windows.

We are always pleased to collaborate with clients to help them create their desired surroundings whether this is a large commercial project or a small private space – so call us today and see where it leads – we enjoy landscaping Cambridgeshire!

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