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Commercial landscape transformation to enhance both the building and the welfare of its employees.

The aim of this project was to freshen and brighten up the approach to the firm’s building making it attractive and inviting whilst also providing an outside area for the employees to enjoy and relax in. In conclusion, this busy commercial premises naturally caters for visitors, deliveries and car parking but wanted to provide an outdoor space for hardworking staff as well as improve the appearance of the building.

Our client worked through their ideas with our designer and then selected their design scheme and we were delighted to work with them on their new project which would transform the appearance of the premises.  The first task required the complete clearance of all the tired turf, hedging and shrubs in the existing beds and outdoor area. These were all carefully stripped and cleared, and all waste removed from the site.

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After that, the whole area was then rotovated and a large quantity of fresh good quality topsoil and mushroom compost / soil improver was brought in and laid which prepared the soil for the new planting.

The plants were carefully considered and chosen mainly for their evergreen qualities and hardy low maintenance properties, together with their colours and striking shapes. Two pretty, flowering trees were planted in attractive pots by the entrance to draw visitors in and further trees and topiary were interspersed with the planting. The beds included larger shrubs such as Photinia Red Robin with the lovely red tips of the young leaves and the striking Phormium Sundowner with its green, red/pink, long, striped leaves. Kniphofia or Red-Hot Pokers as they are more commonly known, also added a striking look with bold summer colour. These were mingled with various grasses and ground cover plants which provide all year-round interest. A layer of premium pine bark mulch was laid around the planting. That helps suppress weeds and keeps the beds looking neat and tidy, plus helping to retain moisture during dry spells.

Cambridge Project: Commercial landscape transformation

First impressions are always important and the area around the Company’s sign was improved by clearing, excavating, and removing the soil.  Therefore, a Geotextile membrane was installed to prevent subsidence and reduce weed growth and a foundation laid, which was then covered with a decorative shingle and edged with a metal edging to define the gravel from the planting area and provide a smart new look.

Moreover, venetian screening panels were used to help conceal air conditioning units etc. and further improve the appearance of the building.

To create a bespoke seating and restful area for the staff, venetian screening panels were used on two sides, at varying heights to partly surround the space. The area was prepared with a compacted sub-base and following a delightful design, the area was paved and edged with contrasting edging, which included two separate areas of decorative tiling with matching edging. Four attractive hardwood and steel benches were concreted in (to help prevent theft) and separated by a water feature of two bubbling fountains. This area gives the illusion of a little oasis where employees and visitors can sit, relax, and enjoy the outdoor space. The calming sound of the water feature completing the ambience, plus it creates a stunning focal point!

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Commercial landscape transformation

Further benches were also included in the beds, placed at an angle to the paths adding further interest and providing plenty of seating for employees.


This scheme has transformed the appearance of these premises, making it smart, attractive, and inviting. It has also provided a delightful, stunning, little outdoor space for staff to be able to sit quietly during their breaks. A small area of decorative tiling and a soothing water feature can make an amazing difference to any space.


If your staff need a breakout area or you just need somewhere quiet for yourself, why not contact us today – there are endless possibilities.

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