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Tiered Garden with natural stone paving and lawn - Cambirdge Project

Tiered Garden Cambridge with natural stone paving and lawn

This project was in desperate need of an overhaul, our client had recently moved in and inherited a very run-down garden along with a patio that was not safe or usable. 

Tiered Garden Cambridge

Emerald Landscapes to the rescue! We had a lengthy site meeting with the client on how we could drastically change the top terrace patio and clear out the bottom half. So they could start to enjoy their new tiered garden.

The first day on site we had to completely strip out and remove all the overgrown vegetation and unwanted tree on the boundary line.  Removal of the unstable retaining brick wall that was an accident waiting to happen and get rid of the bouncy decking structure. 

The garden had clearly been left for some time by the previous owners so a fresh start was required. When pulling the decking up we encountered a large amount of poured concrete on different levels that had to be completely excavated to allow our new patio the correct falls and levels. 

Once all the waste had been removed we installed a new sleeper retaining wall & step to create the 2 tiered garden. Therefore, these were laid on a concrete footing and fixed together with steel face plates and screws.

Where the old tree had been removed along the boundary line it was not in need of a new 6ft fence, we installed a close board / feather edge fence to obtain that extra bit of privacy on what was a once very open boundary between the 2 properties. 

Design and Finish – Tiered Garden Cambridge

The bottom tier needed quite a bit of levelling and grading after the strip out to achieve a level and clean finish. We brought in 10 ton of new top soil and compacted ready for turf. 

A small shed base was built at the end for future use to store garden tools and equipment.

With our top tier now ready to be paved, we laid a beautiful grey indian sandstone in a 600x900mm size slab laid to stretcher bond to form the patio. 

We also ran a stepping stone path to the rear of the garden linking the new shed base to the main patio area.

This is a natural stone that offers so much texture and character without compromising the overall modern feel to the garden.

Lastly we laid the turf down on the bottom tier and cut in the flower beds ready for planting, then had a good clean up of the whole project leaving it ready to be enjoyed by our extremely happy customer. 

Project: Tiered garden Cambridge

Clearance & Preparation

  • Remove old brick retaining wall
  • Clear all overgrown vegetation and trees
  • Take all waste off site

Closeboard Fence 

  • Concrete 100×100 posts into the ground at the depth of approx 750mm
  • Distance between the posts should not exceed 3m
  • Rails fixed horizontally across the face of the posts. ( 2 rails used upt to 1.2m fence and 3 rails used on 1.8m fence)
  • Gravel boards fixed at the bottom to prevent feather boards from rotting
  • Nail/Screw feather board panels to the rails


Sleeper retaining wall

  • Pour concrete footing for new sleeper retaining wall
  • Lay 200×100 sleepers on footing fixed together



  • Break out old decking and concrete pad below
  • Cart in 100mm of new MOT type 1 sub-base and compact
  • Lay paving stretcher bond pattern 
  • Point using FastPoint 



  • Cart in 100mm of new top soil 
  • Grade and level
  • Lay turf rolls and compact with scaffold boards

Tiered Garden Cambridge with natural stone paving and lawn

Multi aspect landscaping project showing how important an outside space is, it accounts for 1/3rd of your property and makes your house a home. 

Emerald Landscapes are experts in the field of Landscaping, get in touch today to find out more on how we can rejuvenate your garden.

We serve our Clients in the Cambridgeshire area. 

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