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Stunning rear garden transformation   – Landscaping Cambridge

Stunning rear garden transformation 

Stunning and stylish, rear garden transformation to create a beautiful space to relax, including a water feature, circular paving design, planting and various features all bringing the garden alive. 

Our client desired a complete re-design of their rear garden area, and this included removing the old shed, unwanted planting and lawn and carefully clearing the site before commencing the reconstruction. 

A fresh position was required for the new shed and we prepared a base of concrete paving on a mortar bed, before installing the shed tucked neatly in the corner of the garden.   

Pietra Grey paving was chosen for the new paths and steppingstones to match with a small existing patio area. An exciting design of a circular area of paving with paths and steppingstones leading to and from, was constructed towards the rear of the garden. The paving was edged with contrasting metal edging setts to really highlight the design.  An existing water feature was erected in the centre of the circle with gravel / planted areas around, together with various shaped large boulders. This provides a lovely focal point for the garden and the sound of water running is very soothing. 


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Stunning rear garden transformation 

Steppingstones lead away from the circle across the new lawn to the other side of the garden and to another focal point of a striking batten panel erected as a backdrop along the fence, outlining a stunning egg chair.  Either side of this are large planters filled with hydrangeas, and further beds of grasses and flowering plants again surrounded by gravel and assorted shaped boulders.   


Cambridge Project: Stunning rear garden transformation 

A wooden arch was erected over the pathway leading from the shed to the circular paving, providing a bit of height and cleverly drawing your eye away from the shed.  

A few young trees were planted along the side of the garden thus providing further screening from the neighbouring properties, plus shade.  To provide a softer look to the fencing, Laurel hedging was planted along the rear fence, and this also provides an ideal habitat for birds, and other wildlife. 

The beds were all prepared ready for planting using soil improver and fertiliser and the plants were well spaced and surrounded by decorative shingle, interspersed with large boulders, which complements and shows off each individual plant.   

This lovely design makes the most of the space available, incorporating so many different features to provide a beautiful garden in which to entertain, relax, and to enjoy the view from the house all year round.  


Make the most of your outdoor space and contact us today to discuss the wealth of possibilities. 

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